“Seattle keyboardist/vocalist/composer Corey J Brewer has proved himself adept at scoring films with his alternate soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining at Northwest Film Forum last year and appearances at Andrew Crawshaw’s :||Depths||: night at Substation. And the skills that he flexed in those contexts surface on his new album, Upside Down Tulip. On these nine songs, Brewer sings in his deep, glum voice (think Stephin Merritt and Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples) over enigmatic keyboard progressions and drones, and rhythms that both snake with quasi-gamelan litheness and rejuvenate triphop tropes. Brewer’s compositions embrace romantic moods while eluding clichéd evocations of this common songwriting construct. That takes serious skill.” - Dave Segal, The Stranger.

“Local artist/musician/fortune-teller Corey J Brewer makes slide collage prints using film negatives and transparencies from home movies, mainstream cinema, educational films, etc. in 35-mm slide casings. He manipulates the slides using paint, bleach, and other wizard tools—the resulting pieces are appealingly eerie and very worthy of your bloodshot eyeballs.”  - Emily Nokes, The Stranger.

"Armed with just a microphone and a magic suitcase of lights and sound, Corey J. Brewer delivers his creepy croon over expansive basement beats and eerie synth gurgles. Think Nick Cave doing the In Dreams scene from Blue Velvet while Boards of Canada tries to break out of Frank's cellar." - Dan Paulus, City Arts.